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So as long as I've had I've always conducted it in a very professional manner with write ups, but now I think I want to make it a little bit more personal for you guys. So moving forward all posts are coming straight up from me to you without all of the professional politics to look all cool lol. I just want to take this time to thank all of my supporters for holding me down all of these years. #FreedomTour2016 has been an incredible experience so far and I will have pics and footage for you guys soon. If you follow my social media (@MsProper) then you should know I have announced that following up my current tour I will be headlining ANOTHER tour, Good FxN Vibes. If you want to support just use the hashtag #GFV2016 (you can also follow on Twitter and IG at @GoodFxNVibes) and look out for dates/venues coming to you very soon. It's safe to say that God has been blessing me tremendously and I love the artist and woman I am becoming more every day. So again, thank you for taking this journey with me. As always, blessings and Good FxN Vibes. 

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