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@BestInTheMix Concert Review: @MsProper Live From @KingdomRVA took the time to support Ms Proper at her headline event live from Kingdom in Richmond, VA. After an exciting night the good folks at BITM gave their input about the show and Ms Proper's half an hour performance slot. Check out what they had to say below. 
Ms Proper and the So Proper Ent collective. Conci$e played hype man for the evening along with So !LLa and they shut it down! Prop went through a force of hits that had the crowd straight rocking. By this time, the club was full of folk who came to see Ms Proper tear the roof off and she did not disappoint. After performing with the global Doe The Paperboy, Prop called Kléos Jansport to the stage for the fiery anthem “VA Shit,” which saw Prop whip the crowd into a frenzy with the hit off her #NoDaysOff mixtape. Hero The Artist performed and smacked us all silly with his undeniable lyrical mania. The crazy thing about Hero is that he doesn’t look, talk or act like your stereotypical rapper. He’s the nicest guy in the world. You give him a mic, however, and he’ll rip your head off…and you’ll like it. After the tsunami that is Hero, Prop went and stuck her foot in it, blowing the fans away with a fierce performance of her iTunes single “Get It Started.”

Ms Proper paused at one point to talk about a recent interview she had with a local magazine. Apparently they posed the question “Where do you stand in the local hip hop scene?” Her answer was definitive, precise and true. “I’m the queen.” Ms Proper put on one hell of a show like she always does and showed the fans, new and old, why she stands atop the city and is building such a huge fan base up and down the east coast. Hail to the queen.

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