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@CheatsMWC Covers #EpicFest2012 Day 1

The Cheats Movement was in attendance during both days of the Epic Fest mega concert. After snapping a few pics and checking out the talent he presented his own review of the performances he witness. Check out The Cheats Movement entire review on and check out what The Cheats Movement had to say about So Proper Entertainment's set below.

Truth be told, Ms Proper is one of my favorites. I would put her in the Hip-Hop ring against anybody and she’ll come out standing tall. She’s a artist and a boss – grind on 1 hundred thousand trillion. I didn’t see much of the So Proper Showcase last night and outside of the homie So Illa, who’s “Run RVA” is killing it. I’m not yet familiar with the team. I do know if there was an aware for the camp that spends the most time in the gym…So Proper Camp wins. Think Ruff Ryders Anthem video straight up (lol).

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